Peter O' Dactile is a scrolling shooter game developed by Freakbox. The game will be release on Android Play Store in 2018.


The game has several levels. The objective is to reach the end of each level without getting hit by an enemy. To achieve this, the player can change the flying height of Peter by sliding up and down on touchscreen. Also, the player can make Peter shoot into an enemy by tapping the touchscreen. However, if Peter hits an hypnotized dino, the mission is failed.


The radiation of a misterious meteorite caused the apes to develop telepathic abilities and take control of the dinosaurs. Peter, with the help of Professor, must reach the source of the psionic waves to release his brothers


Peter O' Dactile

One of most skilled members of the Aerossaurs Air Force. Peter is a hero, with great courage and strong loyalty.


A brillant scientist who managed to escape the hypnotic attacks of the apes. He's not physically strong for battles, but his genius will be essential to save the world


The overlord of the Apes revolution. His psionic powers are incredible, making him the toughest enemy that Peter must face.


Laboratory Area


The Professor's lab is in a small grove of tall trees. Still does not have a strong presence of the apes.

Elasmosaurus Bay


This strategic location has bem secured by the simiam army. Also, there is a rumor that a giant dino lives under these waters

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