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Peter O' Dactile Cover


Peter O' Dactile is a scrolling shooter game developed by Freakbox. The game will be release on Android Play Store in 2018.


The game has several levels. The objective is to reach the end of each level without getting hit by an enemy. To achieve this, the player can change the flying height of Peter by sliding up and down on touchscreen. Also, the player can make Peter shoot into an enemy by tapping the touchscreen. However, if Peter hits an hypnotized dino, the mission is failed.


The radiation of a misterious meteorite caused the apes to develop telepathic abilities. It did not take long for Apes to rise against the Dinosaurs civilization. Peter, with the help of Professor, must reach the source of the psionic waves to release his brothers.


Peter O' Dactile

One of most skilled members of the Aerossaurs Air Force. Peter is an impetuous and intrepid aerial fighter. As a Dactile his pushing the boundaries of acrobatics and speed for flying creatures. As a soldier Peter is a true hero that fights to protect the ideals of freedom. Now, with a mission bigger than himself, Peter flies once again to protect his kind and save his Friends.


A brilliant scientist who spends most of his time on his Lab in the woods where he develops his theories. His discoveries were critical to build and mold the Dino civilization as known today. He's not physically strong for battles, but his findings were crucial to help Peter fight an entire Planet and, once again, guarantee the future of Earth.


The overlord of the Apes revolution. As his brain activity grew, he became more and more consciousness of his own existence and more disturbed by how Dinos were living passively as a society. That incomprehension and lack of meaning and purpose translated into an out-of-control feeling of hate that fueled him to start influencing other apes and eventually Mind-controlling Dinos. In his distorted vision, Vector saw himself as the Savior freeing Apes and Dinos from their meaningless existences.


Lab hideout

The Professor's lab is in a small grove of tall trees. Still does not have a strong presence of the apes. 

Elasmosaurus Bay

This coastal location has been secured by the simian navy as an strategic lookout for any threats coming from the seas. Rumors says a giant Dino beast lives under those waters.


Capital city and most populous metropolitan area of the Ape Nation. The order here is vigorously enforced by the local police.

Abandoned Ruins

Now part of ancient Dino's history, this place was where Dinos started settling and becoming a society as known today. Region was abandoned once lakes dried up.

Great Mt Lava

The largest active volcano in the world is so dangerous that people believe someday his eruption will make the continent divide. Still, the rich soil around the mountain atracts a lot of fuel refineries that were operating there for a long time.

Icy Plains

A vast and almost inhospitable region of the north of the continent. Researches estimates that the valley is so cold that the dinos would be conserved by millions of years.

Hidden Cave



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